What size skateboard for 5-year-old children?

Skateboarding is a sport that many children love and choose after stressful and tiring studying hours. Skateboarding sport is suitable for children from 5 years old and up. What size skateboard for a 5-year-old child? Choosing to buy skateboards for children is extremely important. Refer to our article below to find out the right skateboard size for five-year-olds.

About Skateboard

What is a skateboard?

It is the most common and popular type of wooden skateboard. It has a curved design at the top two, sunken in the middle. The tail and top of the board are rounded.

Skateboard is often used to practice trick, ollie (jump over obstacles), skatepark, or slide on city terrain. There are special cakes for bad roads such as bricks, sidewalks, asphalt; Or the wheel makes no noise for videographers.

Structure of a skateboard

  • Deck (a piece of board): the deck is usually made of high-grade plywood, usually pressed with seven layers of wood, with extremely high strength.
  • Truck (axle): are two axes of the board that help link the board with four wheels. It helps you adjust the direction when sliding,
  • Wheels help the skateboard move and are a place to store bearings.
  • Griptape: glued on the board to create friction with training shoes to help you stand on the board.

Should five-year-olds skateboard?

Today, Skateboards come in a variety of designs, and sizes. However, children under the age of seven really shouldn’t play skateboard. Of course, you can wear skates and protective gear for 4-5-year-olds. Experts agree: children under seven years old should not play skateboard because their bodies are still unstable and prone to injury. Therefore, five-year-olds starting to play with skateboards can lead to injuries they shouldn’t have.

What size skateboard for 5-year-old children?

If kids still want to play skateboard, we will detail What size skateboard for a 5-year-old below. For five-year-olds, you can choose small skates, the length of which does not exceed 22 inches. Skateboard should be strong, light, and resilient. Bright colors, cute pictures will make many children love.

Most importantly, you should choose the width of the deck according to your child’s shoe size. Generally, children between the ages of five and six will have shoe sizes (according to foot length) 11-12 UK, 30-31 EU, or about 18.5cm. The height of the children is not more than 1m. Therefore, the five-year-old skateboard size we would recommend for you is 27.2 x 6.5 inches or 27.6 x 6.75 inches (length x width). The skateboard height is about 3.9inches (approximately 10cm).

Things to watch out for when letting five-year-olds play skateboards

  • Parents should choose the right skateboard for their child’s activity because different skateboards will work differently. When playing with slopes, it is best to prepare a skateboard with spiked tires for your child. If your child plays skateboard in the park, you should choose a small wheel for the skateboard.

  • Also, parents make sure that all parts of the skateboard are in good working order. Before you let your child use the skateboard, you should check for some possible problems. These are cracks, sharp edges, damaged wheels, and loose parts.
  • Parents should equip their children with a helmet of high standards for skateboarding. The helmet should have a strong strap and buckle.
  • Parents can buy a pair of shoes made of leather or suede that is suitable for the child’s feet. You must make sure your child ties their shoelaces tightly before playing skateboard.
  • Children who are just starting to learn to skate should use knee and elbow pads. This pad should have a hard plastic cover to withstand the impact of a fall and not interfere with the child’s activities.

Above is detailed information about what size skateboard for 5-year-old kids and related information. Wherever children play skateboard, parents should be there to observe and ensure the safety of the children.

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