An offensive odor coming from the yard is an embarrassing problem for any homeowner. It is a warning that there would be difficulty in paradise.

When you walk out into your lawn, the first thing that hits you is the odor of a barnyard. Worse still, if it smells like sewage. It’s a barbeque spoiler. You must not have the audacity to invite your companions over. Nor would you want to bring up a family in such a putrid-smelling yard.

Relax. You should let out a sigh of relief at this news!! The offensive smell can be remedied.

However, you need to ask yourself, why does the grass in my yard smell so bad? This page will explain the possible causes of unpleasant odors, as well as provide solutions to these problems.

Why Does My Lawn Smell Bad

1. Waste from pets and other animals


Your animals may make your landscape an unsightly mess at times. There is a chance that your lovable animals, such as cats, dogs, and others, will leave behind a variety of waste on the grass. Your grass will be discolored and smell unpleasant if your pet has dander, droppings, or urine accidents.

Keep your pets off the grass to demonstrate that you are a good pet owner. It prevents odors and stains on the grass that can be caused by pets. If you have a dog run or a chicken coop, you need to keep it in immaculate condition.

It will keep materials such as hay and other items from falling into the lawn.


2. Compost Pile


Research found that compost pile has an awful smell due to poor aeration. Additionally, the odor can be overwhelming if the compost has excess water.

Thus, leaving the compost for too long makes the stench widely stronger. 

Frequently mix the compost to hinder bacteria, mold, and fungal growth. The Yard Butler Compost Aerator can be handy for faster aeration of the pile.

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Besides, you should cover your compost bin whenever it rains. It reduces the accumulation of excess water. 


3. Poor Lawn Drainage 


A lawn that is completely level and has no slope will hinder water from draining effectively. It is not difficult for this to result in soggy, puddled ground. In the end, it turns into a microbial stew consisting of fungi, bacteria, and mold. The combination stinks to high heaven.

Your grass may also smell like sewage if it does not have sufficient drainage. A foul odor may be produced if the sewage system that is located beneath the lawn becomes damaged.

The smell of sewage, on the other hand, is almost always present whenever it rains.

When it rains, the methane gas that is released from septic tanks becomes trapped down on the ground. This results in the lawn smelling like sewage.

There are two approaches you can take to improve drainage problems on a lawn.

A good landscape design. In a practical landscape, the grass should, if at all feasible, slope ever-so-slightly in the direction of the driveway. It makes it easier for surplus water to drain away.

Get in touch with your plumber. If the odor of sewage continues after it has stopped raining, it may be an indication that there are drainage problems with the sewage line below the grass and the house.


4. Overwatering of your lawn


If you water your grass too much, you’ll end up with hefty water bills and a smelly lawn. Overwatering the lawn will cause the soil to become more compacted.

It transforms the ground into a mushy pool. In turn, this facilitates the growth and spread of bacteria.

The presence of germs is correlated with a putrid odor.

The accumulation of water in lawns can also encourage the growth of moss. The uptake of nutrients by grass is hindered when moss is present. In addition to this, they will destroy the grass by leaving brown stains in it, which will leave a putrid odor.

You can solve the problem by applying these suggestions;

You should cut back on the amount of water that you use on your grass. This is not a tournament involving flooding. Just make sure to water the grass enough so that it stays hydrated. You can accomplish this by installing a timer on your lawn sprinklers and following its instructions.

Take away any grass clippings that are still there. It will let sunlight and air into the soil, which will help aerate the soil. Mold, fungus, and bacteria can all be stopped from growing if these are removed.


Frequently Asked Questions on lawn bad smell


Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about bad smells on lawns.

Why does my lawn smell bad?

Your lawn smells gross because of the rotting compost pile, grass, or sewage leaks.

Why does my yard smell like poop?

Animal droppings and sewage leaks cause a poop smell in the yard. 

Why does my yard smell like sewage when it rains?

Rain prevents the methane gas from your septic tank from rising quickly. It keeps methane gas low due to low atmospheric pressure during rain.

As a result, it gets trapped on the lower ground. Therefore, the lawn will smell like sewage. 

Why does cut grass smell bad?

A clogged and poorly aerated grass will begin to rot. The roots will rot first, giving out an awful smell.

Why does grass smell like manure?

The smell of manure comes from grass starting to rot. The rotting gives out the manure smell. Grass clippings after mowing can also lead to low aeration and block sunlight.

As a result, it provides an ideal condition for rotting. The smell can also be like a dead animal. Similarly, the decaying of the compost material causes that.  

How to stop grass clippings from smelling

Dispose of grass clippings to the compost bin after mowing your lawn. Alternatively, you can place dry leaves below them to ensure aeration. 

How to get rid of decomposing grass smell

Aerators should be used to mix the compost pile. Compost aerators like the Crank Compost Aerator make rapid exposure to air and light possible.

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How to get rid of the bad lawn odor? 


There are many different methods that offensive scents might be eliminated. Baking powder and water can be combined to make a spray that can be used on the grass. The amount of baking powder to use is one teaspoon for every four hundred milliliters of water.

We recommend the Arm & Hammer Baking powder because of its versatility.

After you have dealt with the smells caused by the stains, you should subsequently apply a natural deodorizer.

It may be beneficial to make use of the Amazing Outdoor Deodorizer-Natural Enzyme Formula.

It eliminates the offensive smells that come from poultry poop, dog runs, and other areas. Additionally, both people and their dogs are safe to use this product.

As a result, it is able to satisfy your requirements for cleaning stains as well as odors.

The unpleasant odor coming from your grass shouldn’t be a problem any longer. Investigate the reasons why your lawn has such a foul odor. The problem with the stench should then be fixed.

Problems with sewage drainage, composting, overwatering, and the disposal of animal waste can all result in offensive odors.

After the issue has been resolved, purchase an odor neutralizer. Using a natural deodorizer will assist in restoring the wonderful aroma that your grass previously exuded.

You now have the ability to bring the barbecue back to life!!




Nobody wants their lawn to smell bad. It’s gross, embarrassing, and harmful to the yard. The good news is there are plenty of ways to handle each potential cause. Ensuring your lawn has the proper amount of nutrients, water, sunlight, and oxygen will prevent most grass odor issues.

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