When you sign up for in-person guitar classes, you get the benefit of studying from a professional musician. These lessons, though, can be costly. You must adhere to a strict schedule, and you may not have access to lecturers with extensive experience in your field.

If you’re looking for a different way to learn guitar, you should know that there are numerous online tools available. It’s critical to choose a strategy that is tailored to your needs among online classes, videos, and apps. Here are some of the most effective methods for learning to play by yourself.

Best Free Alternative: YouTube

If you search for “how to teach oneself guitar” on YouTube, you’ll find a plethora of videos with expert guidance from guitar players.

YouTube is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning to play the guitar or any other instrument. You may discover videos on just about anything, from guitar tuning to modal progressions. The nicest part about YouTube is that you can watch all of this video for free if you are willing to wait through a few advertisements (or skip ads entirely with a YouTube Red subscription).

Here are some of our favorite beginner-friendly YouTube channels:

Marty is a musician who creates music. Marty Music is a well-known guitar-learning channel. There’s a playlist with beginner acoustic and electric guitar lessons that cover all the fundamentals. If you’re looking for song instructions or gear advice, this channel is a gold mine.

Andy plays the guitar. This YouTube channel provides some free content in exchange for promoting a paid online service. Andy Guitar, on the other hand, offers a fantastic ten-day course that will help you get started playing guitar before you invest in online lessons.

GuitarLessons. We enjoy GuitarLessons since the majority of the videos it uploads are short and easy to understand for beginners. This channel includes information on how to play chords, strumming patterns, exercises, practice routines, typical mistakes to avoid, and step-by-step lessons.

GuitarZero2Hero. This channel is one of the best places to find guitar tutorials on the internet. On a weekly basis, new instructions are added, including tutorials for recent hits. There are also a few lessons for beginners that cover the fundamentals of music, such as chords.

These are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to available channels. You may look up any guitar-related topic or a guitar tutorial for your favorite song on YouTube, and you’ll almost certainly find good videos. YouTube has the disadvantage of not providing the same structured approach as online lessons, but it’s a terrific option for self-directed learning.


YouTube is a never-ending source of free content.

Tutorials for the songs you want to learn are easy to come by.

There are numerous channels with excellent lectures for ideas that novices must master.

Cons: Not all of the videos you’ll see are of high quality.

Some channels provide free programming in order to advertise commercial services.

Learning is not structured in the same way that it is with online platforms.


Chordify is the best app for learning guitar.

Chordify isn’t a complete method for learning to play the guitar, but it is a must-have tool that offers you access to a massive library of song chords.

This app has around 22 million songs in its library. You can find chords for any song by searching online.

The concept is similar to that of karaoke. You’ll see the chords for different parts of a song instead of the lyrics. You can view the chord progression as you play along, or if you’re a beginner, you may utilize the capo option to simplify the chords.

The software includes features such as playing chords on repeat or slowing down the sequence to assist you in learning a new song. Any of the songs can be printed in PDF format. A useful personal library option allows you to bookmark your favorite tracks and receive customized recommendations for what you should study next.

Chordify isn’t going to teach you how to play chords, but it is one of the greatest places to go for accurate guitar chords for any song you wish to play. On Android, iOS, and the desktop, Chordify is available.


Chords for approximately 22 million songs are available.

Mobile app that is easy to use

To learn new tunes on guitar, loop or slow down chords.

With the personal library option, you can keep track of your chords.

Cons: Chordify does not provide instruction on how to play chords.

You are unable to listen to the songs.

Guitar For Dummies is the best book for beginners. Jon Chappell and Mark Philips

Guitar for Dummies is a lighthearted introduction to the instrument. The book has about 400 pages of content and covers topics such as how to choose your first guitar, how to play fundamental chords, and how to begin playing melodies.

One of the benefits of this guitar book is that you can study it even if you don’t have internet access. If you wish to read this content on your phone, tablet, or eReader, you can choose between the paperback and Kindle versions. In any case, it’s a terrific method to learn basic guitar ideas on the road.

This For Dummies book appeals to us since it goes beyond the basics. You’ll be able to explore numerous genres and locate several chapters that introduce music theory once you’ve mastered all of the fundamental basics.

Unlike previous editions of the book, which included a DVD, this updated edition includes internet videos and audio samples. These extras add to the book’s value by allowing you to listen to samples and see teachers show strumming patterns.

There are certain disadvantages to learning guitar from a book because text, graphics, and diagrams can’t replace videos, but this book offers an unusual blend of forms by providing access to video and audio clips.


On the fly, learn about crucial subjects.

Learn fundamental ideas before moving on to more advanced ones.

Video and audio snippets are available.

Quite a thorough resource


Some subjects are difficult to grasp without the assistance of extra video resources.

To utilize the audio and video clips, you must have access to the internet.

Finishing Thoughts

How you teach yourself guitar is determined by the results you desire and the amount of time you are willing to devote to this endeavor. If you’re willing to devote a few hours per week to studying, we recommend Guitar Tricks.

When you sign up for in-person guitar classes, you get the benefit of studying from a professional musician. These lessons, though, can be costly. You must adhere to a strict schedule, and you may not have access to lecturers with extensive experience in your field.


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