If you have a lawn mower that moves itself, you may find that its speed is not always the best. When you’re trying to cut the grass, it might go too fast for you, or maybe it doesn’t go fast enough and you get tired quickly. Either way, it’s easy to change the speed of a lawn mower that moves itself.
You can change the speed of your self-propelled lawn mower in a number of ways. Continue reading to learn more.

Two Steps to Adjust a Lawn Mower That Moves Itself

Step 1

First, you should adjust the throttle level. Every lawn mower that moves itself has a throttle lever. Make sure the engine is completely cold.
You have to move the lever to a place called the “chock position.” Now turn it again, but this time to the fast position. Which you need to do because you’ve been using the engine recently. Start the mower the same way you started it before.
You need to pull this starter grip to do this. Make sure the key switch is set to “on.” If not, you won’t be able to start the mower. After you start the mower, you can change how fast it goes.
The throttle lever that you use to stop the car should be taken away. When you move the lever from the choke position to the fast position, the engine will feel warm enough.
Your mower is all set to cut grass. Most people like to keep the throttle at the “fast” level. It helps to turn the blade quickly so that it can cut the grass.
Some self-propelled lawn mowers have a yellow button that acts as a control lever for the blade. To move the lever forward, press the yellow button. You should put it on the handlebar.
This is very important if you want the blade to start to turn when you push the mower. On the other hand, if you let go of the lever, the rotation will stop.

Step 2

Now there is a drive clutch lever that also needs to be pushed to the handlebar. It will start moving the mower forward. You can also slowly move the lever for the drive clutch forward.
It will help you change how fast the mower goes. With this lever, you can change how fast or slow your mower goes.


There is another way to control and change the speed of a lawn mower that moves itself. This is called a sift level. You can control how fast or slow the mower goes by moving this shift lever to the slow or fast position.
But most of the time, this sift level is set to “slow” to turn off the engine and stop the mower.
The last thing you can do to control a self-propelled lawn mower is to change its speed. There are a lot of facts that can also be used to change the speed.
If these things aren’t just right, you won’t be able to control the mower or change the speed the way you want to. So let’s talk about those things that also change how fast the mower goes.


Most self-propelled lawn mowers have an engine that runs on gas. The fuel, which must be in liquid form, is the only thing that powers this kind of engine.
One of the most important things that slows down this type of engine is clogging. If you try to change the speed, the mower won’t do what you want it to.
When you try to make your mower go faster than the engine can handle, the engine can slow down and shut off. The main cause of this problem is clogs. So, fix the problem with the clogs and you can change the speed again.

Mixture of Fuel

Almost every gas station uses a completely different mix of fuel. They put it in the gas or fuel tanks of their lawn mowers. The fuel may be the same as octane, which is a surprise.
There are also a few special cases. There is also a mixture of gas and corn alcohol. This blend is used because it is better for the environment. Also, it costs less than other fuels. But these kinds of blends have a huge effect on engines that aren’t very big.
If you notice that your mower isn’t going as fast as it used to, you can check the fuel system. Your mower might not work well with the blend. If it doesn’t work well with your engine, you won’t be able to change the speed the way you want to.

No Motivation

Batteries, broken motion drive belts, and air stuck in the transmission system can all make it hard to change the speed. If the battery is low and you want the mower to move quickly, it won’t work.
You also need to look for any signs of damage or wear. If you fix this problem, you will be able to change the speed again.
From what we’ve talked about so far, it’s clear that changing the speed on a self-propelled machine is one of the most important skills you need to learn to do your job well and as you want.
All of the things we talked about can affect the speed. If you understand how this thing works, it will be easy to figure out how to change the speed.

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