If when you look at your screen and notice lines going vertically, you should be aware that something may be happening that requires your quick attention. Fixing vertical lines can be a quick and easy process at times, but other times it may require some investigation into the cause of the issue.

If you put pressure to the screen of your monitor and see horizontal or vertical lines, or if you see the lines at any other time other than when you apply pressure to the screen, there is likely a problem with the LCD panel. This issue could be brought on by a malfunctioning LCD panel, but it could also be brought on by the graphics adapter. Check that each cable has been connected correctly and securely. Even loose connectors are capable of causing a variety of image problems, such as lines that are gray, pink, or green.

How To Fix Green Lines On Monitor?


After confirming that there is no problem with the cables and that everything is in its proper place, the following are some potential fixes for the green lines that are appearing on the screen. In the event that none of these methods are successful in resolving the issue, your best bet is to seek the advice of a professional or to get a new monitor.

Adjust Your Screen Resolution


You might try adjusting the screen resolution to see if that helps resolve the green lines on the monitor. Errors such as green lines will appear on the screen if the picture settings of the device are not compatible with the native resolution of the monitor.

It is possible to cause irreparable damage to a monitor by using a display mode, resolution, or refresh rate that is not supported by the device. You should exercise extreme caution, double-check all of the display settings, and take any necessary remedial actions because it is also a potential risk with older CRT monitors. You also have the option of solving your problem with a variety of additional approaches.

Via Battery Release

  • Power down your PC and unplug all peripherals.
  • If you’re using a laptop, take its battery out by reversing it the wrong way up and sliding the battery release latch.
  • Press and hold the facility button for 15 or 20 seconds to clear all residual power from the system.
  • Reconnect everything and switch the system back on to test if the annoying green lines are gone.

Via Factory Setting

  • Unplug the monitor from the PC and wait a few seconds until it displays a message “No signal.”
  • If the no signal message also has vertical lines, you can easily recognize the matter is within the monitor and not in your computer.
  • Therefore, Press the “Menu” button on the screen, then use the opposite buttons to browse for a “Factory Settings” mode.
  • Select this mode to reset the monitor to its original settings.
  • If the lines persist, the monitor may be dropped or be exposed to a magnet — which can’t be fixed.

Via Display Quality

  • Press Windows + R from your device, type electrical device, then press OK.
  • Click View through within the right-hand corner and choose Large Icons
  • Select Troubleshooting
  • After this, Navigate to the left pane and click on the View All option, where you need to select Display Quality
  • Enter the password for admin or grant when prompted.

Via Graphic Driver

In order to use a graphic driver to investigate your problem, you must right-click on the starting and select the Device Manager option. The yellow punctuation mark, down arrow, or error message indicates a problem with the graphics or video card drivers. Double-click the driving force to see its properties if it contains a yellow punctuation mark. Select Update Driver and Restart your computer from the tab for the driving force behind the force.

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